Live video chat & co-browsing app added to Yahoo Commerce Central

VeriShow, a live personal engagement solution has recently been added to Yahoo! Commerce Central. The app allows merchants to plug the solution into many popular ecommerce platforms, including Amazon Webstore, Shopify. and 3dCart.

Verishow adds a “Live Help” button to the site that customers can click  to get live assistance from an agent.

The agent can use text, audio and video chat to communicate with the customer. In addition, the agent can use a unique set of tools to share product content (documents, images, videos) with the customer in real-time or let the customer share content, such as a scanned ID.


Personal engagement with video chat as provided by VeriShow can significantly improve customer-agent interaction, as non-verbal communication counts for a large percentage of communication.

 Other features within VeriShow allow real-time co-browsing of the website pages, for example to assist a customer with checking out, or complete a PDF form with the customer in real-time

The platform can be used to improve customer service or to increase revenue by allowing effective personal engagement that is similar to real-life interaction.

Some of VeriShow’s main features:
• Live text chat
• 1 or 2-way audio or video chat
• Real-time website co-browsing
• Agent screen sharing
• Real-time content sharing and transfer from agent or customer
• Form completion
• Monitoring of website visitors

To learn more or try the app free for 14 days, visit the VeriShow page on Yahoo Commerce Central.

Introducing the Yahoo Live Web Insights Mobile App for Small Business Owners On-the-Go

Today, we’re introducing Yahoo Live Web Insights, a free new mobile app for iPhone that lets small business owners manage their websites on the go—anytime, anywhere. And it’s not just for existing Yahoo Small Business customers—anyone can use the app to get connected to his or her online business.

As a small business owner, we know you’re not sitting at your desk all day. You’re wearing many hats, running all over town, and tackling the most urgent tasks. With the new app, no matter where all this may take you, you’ll keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

You can view customers on your website, the pages they’re browsing, and products they’re viewing and buying. You can even chat with your customers through the app to answer questions and provide recommendations. By viewing how customers interact with your website and products, you’ll get more insight into how your site is being used, which can help you increase conversions.

Yahoo Live Web Insights for iPhone and iPod Touch also gives you access to additional services and marketing tools through Yahoo Commerce Central that can help you find new customers, increase sales, and help you grow your store or local business.

Check it out in the Apple App Store and get started growing your business today!

- Rajat Mukherjee, Head of Ecommerce, Yahoo Small Business

Product Listing Ads on the Rise

If you’re an online retailer and are not using Product Listing Ads (PLAs), you may be missing out on a valuable opportunity for new traffic and sales.  In 2013, the online retail industry spent record levels on PLAs and saw great returns. With numerous reports and case studies of successful performance, this is an area you should definitely explore.

Let’s take Google PLAs as an example. Besides gaining exposure on the Google Shopping network, your ads are also displayed within Google search results. Data shows that PLAs tend to have higher click-through rates and a lower cost-per-click. If that isn’t enough, according to marketing reports by independent sources* for the holiday season of 2013:

  • Retailers last year achieved a return of $8.84 for every dollar spent.
  • PLAs saw a 27% higher click-through rate compared to traditional text ads.
  • PLAs accounted for 42% of Google traffic that excludes branded keywords.
  • Retailers spent 138% more year over year on PLAs.

A number of Yahoo merchants have experienced success with PLAs and in some instances, have seen greater ROI than with other high-performing advertising channels like Retargeting. For one family-owned footwear retailer, Google PLAs drive 17% of their site traffic, 28% of revenue and earn $19 in revenue for every $1 spent!

Whether you plan to directly manage your PLA campaign on Google or Bing or take advantage of a PLA management tool like Yahoo’s Google Shopping app, we advise small businesses and online stores to try PLAs and test their inherent benefits.

SPECIAL OFFER: Unlock the benefits of Product Listing Ads with Google Shopping app by Yahoo, the easiest way to automatically manage PLAs and feeds. For the month of March, new sign-ups receive $50 worth of advertising credit!

*Sources: Digital Marketing Report & 2013 Global Shopping Report

Coupon Pop launched on Commerce Central


We’re excited to announce that Coupon Pop has been added to the Yahoo Commerce Central app gallery, making it easy for online merchants to boost website conversion and increase fan base and email lists by providing special offers and discounts.

Coupon Pop is a free app that can be added to stores on a variety of platforms, including Big Commerce, Bonanza, Magento, MivaMerchant, X-Cart, and Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

The app allows you to define a promotion that would “pop up” to your visitors, asking them to join you in any social network where you are active. Coupon Pop works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and has an easy one minute set up.

Click here for more info.

$50 off of your first month of Google Shopping just in time for the holidays


The holiday season is here and we want to help you find new and exciting ways to boost traffic and sales. This month, we’re highlighting one of our most popular apps, Google Shopping, and the online shoppers this app helps you target. To help you get started, we’re offering $50 off for your first month of advertising for all new signups before 12/31/2013!

What is the Google Shopping app by Yahoo?
Google Shopping is Google’s comparison search engine for products. We’ve created a fully automated way for you to tap into this traffic source through our Google Shopping app.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Shopping, you can advertise products with Google Shopping via Product Listing Ads (PLAs), which are displayed at the top of Google search results. These ads contain rich product information such as your product name, image, price, and store name.

Our Google Shopping app helps you get your Google Shopping Product Listing Ad campaigns running easily, with automated feed submissions and bid optimization. You’re in control of which products you’d like to bid for. We also provide intuitive reports on the metrics you care about, such as return on investment.

Why should I use the Google Shopping app for my store?
Potential customers who are searching on Google for products will see your ads organically appear at the top or to the right of search results.

With our app, you not only have fully automated access to this traffic source but you also receive insights into your campaign performance, including spend, performance by category, new visitors, new revenue and much more.

Interested in getting started on Google Shopping? Check out the Yahoo Commerce Central Google Shopping app today for a fully automated way to tap into Google.

Sign up for our Google Shopping app from now until the end of the year for a $50 first month credit to help you get started!

Yahoo Commerce Central extended to non-store small business


This week, Yahoo Commerce Central hit a new milestone—we’re extending our services and solutions beyond the universe of online stores. We’re now available to most small businesses with a website, not just those transacting online. We welcome in particular Yahoo Web Hosting customers.

Log into your Web Hosting account to access the free Live Web Insights app, which provides the insights you need to help find and engage new customers, stay on top of your business, and improve your online presence. Live Web Insights is already in use by online retailers and allows small businesses to:

Know exactly what’s happening on your site in real time

Live Web Insights provides real-time information about current site visitors lets you see how your visitors are browsing your site looking for information on your products and services.

Convert visitors into customers

With one click, you can request a chat with any visitor on your site, making it possible to answer questions, provide recommendations on your products and services, and increase sales.

Get data-driven guidance on what to do next

Find your top keywords, referring sites, where your customers are coming from, your site’s growth, and seasonality. Live Web Insights makes personalized recommendations based on your data and industry benchmarks to highlight new opportunities, and areas where there’s room for further improvement and growth.

Easily add apps to help find and engage with new customers

The program makes it simple to integrate additional Yahoo apps, including ones designed to get your message in front of millions of Yahoo customers or helps recover lost sales by showing display ads to visitors who previously came to your site. There’s even a Live Sales app that provides alerts via text or email about potential buyers.

For real-time customer engagement and analytics, check out our free Live Web Insights app right when you log into your Yahoo Web Hosting account.

Grow your business with our new Yahoo Stream Ads app 
We’re excited to offer you a new app in Yahoo Commerce Central. Stay ahead of your competition with affordable, cost-per-click advertising with Yahoo Stream Ads. Reach more prospective customers by being front and center on Yahoo’s top-ranked sites and appearing above users’ inboxes on Yahoo Mail.
Getting up and running is easy through our self-serve platform. To help get started, we’ll give a $25 Stream Ads campaign credit to our first 1,000 advertisers! Act now and enter promo code WELCOME when you sign up.

Grow your business with our new Yahoo Stream Ads app

We’re excited to offer you a new app in Yahoo Commerce Central. Stay ahead of your competition with affordable, cost-per-click advertising with Yahoo Stream Ads. Reach more prospective customers by being front and center on Yahoo’s top-ranked sites and appearing above users’ inboxes on Yahoo Mail.

Getting up and running is easy through our self-serve platform. To help get started, we’ll give a $25 Stream Ads campaign credit to our first 1,000 advertisers! Act now and enter promo code WELCOME when you sign up.

Develop on Yahoo Commerce Central today!

Hey, developers: Are you thinking about developing software solutions for ecommerce?

We’re excited to announce an open call for professional third-party developers interested in offering their apps to ecommerce and small business customers through the new Yahoo Commerce Central App Gallery.

To help explain how Commerce Central works for developers, Yahoo is hosting a Commerce Central Developer Portal Launch on October 10 at the Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale, California.

Attending the launch will give you a chance to meet the Yahoo Commerce Central team and will put developer apps into the first wave of new tools that Yahoo Commerce Central plans to roll out to small business owners on more than 30 major platforms that include Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

As an added incentive, Yahoo will waive the standard $500 app gallery activation fee for all Developer Portal Launch attendees.

For more information and to register for the developer launch, visit the event page.

Introducing Yahoo Commerce Central

Running your business just got easier. Today, we’re proud to introduce Yahoo Commerce Central, your one-stop shop for simple, affordable, and effective tools for your store.

Find all of the marketing tools you need to help you increase your sales, efficiency and profitability in our App Gallery. We offer a host of apps to help you list and advertise on leading shopping and search engines, sell your products on Facebook, and much more. For real-time customer engagement and analytics, check out our free app Live Web Insights. With Live Web Insights, you can:

  • Know exactly what’s happening on your store in real-time

  • Initiate chats with customers to address questions and close sales

  • Get personalized, data-driven recommendations to help improve traffic and sales

  • Measure your return on investment for Yahoo Commerce Central apps

  • View your store’s historical trends


Not a Yahoo merchant? Not a problem. Our apps are supported on more than 30 platforms, including Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

Are you a developer? Extend the reach of your applications by developing with us. The onboarding process is completely self-serve, and you can easily write your app once and deploy to our more than 30 supported platforms. Check out the Commerce Central Developer Portal where you can write, test, and publish your ecommerce apps all in one place. We’re looking forward to working with you!