Introducing the Yahoo Live Web Insights Mobile App for Small Business Owners On-the-Go

Today, we’re introducing Yahoo Live Web Insights, a free new mobile app for iPhone that lets small business owners manage their websites on the go—anytime, anywhere. And it’s not just for existing Yahoo Small Business customers—anyone can use the app to get connected to his or her online business.

As a small business owner, we know you’re not sitting at your desk all day. You’re wearing many hats, running all over town, and tackling the most urgent tasks. With the new app, no matter where all this may take you, you’ll keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

You can view customers on your website, the pages they’re browsing, and products they’re viewing and buying. You can even chat with your customers through the app to answer questions and provide recommendations. By viewing how customers interact with your website and products, you’ll get more insight into how your site is being used, which can help you increase conversions.

Yahoo Live Web Insights for iPhone and iPod Touch also gives you access to additional services and marketing tools through Yahoo Commerce Central that can help you find new customers, increase sales, and help you grow your store or local business.

Check it out in the Apple App Store and get started growing your business today!

- Rajat Mukherjee, Head of Ecommerce, Yahoo Small Business

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